Tier I(Washington Accord) Web based Register

National Board of Accreditation(NBA) has been accorded permanent Signatory status of Washington Accord on 13th June 2014. As per Washington Accord agreement, Recognition of programmes by other signatories applies only to programmes accredited by NBA that are offered by education providers accepted by NBA as Tier 1 Institutions.

Recognition of graduates of programmes accredited by any signatory by registering of licencing bodies in other signatory jurisdictions is subject to the following restriction. The graduate must have completed the programme:

  • Later than the date of admission of the accrediting signatory; and
  • During the period of validity of the accreditation(which may have commenced prior to the date of admission.

Only Students who graduate during the validity period of accreditation of a course will be deemed to have graduated with an NBA accredited degree.

  • What are Tier I programs?

    Tier I programs are housed in institutions with autonomy to review the content of curriculum and make changes as a result of recommendations from accreditation visits. These institutions have the fiscal and academic independence to engage in nimble continuous improvement actions in the local settings without waiting for the approval of outside bodies unlike the affiliated institutions.

Category of eligible Institutions

Accredited Program Status Accreditation Manual